Scott Bramble Tattoos and Illustration
Chanticleer & Partlet
Tribute to Grimm Fairy Tale
"The Adventures Of Chanticleer & Partlet"
Ink wash, marker, pencil
A dear old friend fell victim to a house fire this past week. Thankfully she and her dog got out safely, but her home and possessions were lost.

In posting this image, I am offering this original illustration in a timed raffle. All money raised will go towards helping Sandy get back on her feet.

To enter the raffle, simply send $20 via paypal to be sure your name and contact info are filled out in the "message" section.
If you want more than one chance at the raffle, the first chance is $20, but each chance after is only $5 for instance, $30 will earn 3 chances and $40 will earn 5 and so on.

The last day of the raffle will take place at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on March 30. (Check out @trentonprfm for event details. It's a great time for sure!) After the TPRFM I will print out all of the participant's names, cut them out, and pull the winners name from a hat. Nice and simple.