• Mercury Tattoo Has Moved To 19 donaldson st in Doylestown PA!

    The New location for Mercury Tattoo is NOW OPEN! We opened there in early November and have been going strong ever since. I learned quite a bit from having the Glenside location open for the past 11 years. One of the more important points was to be as picky as possible with the location, and put the time and money into the space at the beginning, rather than following the good enough for now method of just getting the doors open. With the new shop, we have really been able to make it the sort of place i have always wanted. Don’t get me wrong it is still a work in progress, but when you see it, you will clearly see the heart and character we tried to put into every part of the place.

    We will be hosting our Grand opening in April (I will post exact dates when we work them out) and will be hosting a group art show themed to Grimm’s fairy tales to coincide. There are some fairly grand plans to accompany the opening/art show including a homebrew tasting and bands. As soon as the details are worked out I will be sure to post the details here, on the shops site http://www.mercurytattoo.com , and our facebook fan page.

    As a last note, we had been planning to keep the Glenside location open when we finally got the new space open. The folks that were going to take over that studio decided at the last minute to open their own shop two doors down from our original location. Not my favored situation. Either way, the largest downside to that taking place is that I did not get the chance to properly advertise we were moving the shop. Expecting there to still be a Mercury in Glenside, I didn’t want to take any business away from the original location. By waiting till the 11th hour to tell me they were going to break our agreement, the fellows eliminated any chance I had to both promote the new location, and have a proper farewell to Glenside. To add insult to injury, those same folks went into our now vacant shop space and hung banners and signs along all the windows promoting their shop instead.

    So I take this opportunity to thank the folks in and around Glenside for helping me to make Mercury such a successful shop that was truly a joy to come to each day for 11 years! Please make a point of coming up to see us at the new space. I really think you will see why we are so excited to be there!
    Mercury Tattoo Studio
    19 Donaldson St.
    Doylestown, PA

  • *I will be opening a new studio in Doylestown PA this Summer 2011!*

    I am opening a new shop In Doylestown, PA. The Glenside shop will stay open under the new ownership of Drew Rash and Brian Patton. If all goes well, these changes should be happening in about a month. I am figuring on a late July/ early August opening time in Doylestown. The new shop will be under the name Mercury Tattoo Studio, Doylestown. While the original shop will keep the original name of Mercury Tattoo Studio, but adding “Glenside” to the name for clarification.

    I am so damn excited to get this new shop up and running it is killing me. It has been in the works for several months, and for most of that time I haven’t felt comfortable making a formal announcement because there was always something hovering to keep the move from being 100%. I feel comfortable at this point as we have finally reached the point of starting renovations, and hanging the “coming soon” banners on the storefront.

    The space itself is really well suited to what I was looking for. It was a dentist’s office for many years and has jumped from business to business for the past few years. There is a fair bit of work to be done inside and out. There are some issues we need to address to meet ADA standards that make up the majority of what needs to be done before opening. All of it is manageable tho, it simply comes down to the time it takes to get it all done. As for making it a space we are proud to call home, there is still a fair bit of that to do as well. Walls, floors, lighting, gardens (yeah how rad is that gardens!), and of course when all else is done a fresh coat of paint!

    One of the best parts of the whole move is to be a part of the downtown community in Doylestown. Just since we have been working on the space we have already met and become friendly with a number of the local business owners. It is truly amazing how welcoming everyone has been. We have big plans to host more gallery shows, promote live music in town (most likely at Siren Records, one of my favorite record shops for over 20 years, that just happens to be about 30 yards from our front door!) and turn up the frequency of guest artists coming through. All of these things are just the sorts of activities that this town embraces. Man, im getting stoked just typing about it! haha

    I could go on and on about the new place, but i’ll save you the rambling. Suffice to say it’s gonna be rad as hell!

  • *I will be attending the Skindustry Expo April 23-25 in the Lehigh Valley*

    Check out the website for the show:
    Skindustry Expo

    This is one of a few conventions i work each year. The reason i make a point to get to this one. The folks that put this together each year just know how to do things right. They don't try to make it into an over the top rock/motorcycle/hotrod show. They just run a good old fashioned tattoo show, and i dig the hell out of it.

  • *Milan 2010 was once again, AMAZING!*

    I was lucky enough to return to the Milan Tattoo Convention this past Feb. I was lucky enough to stay busy the whole time. Aside from working, the highlight was geting to spend time with an amazing group of Tattooers. Motivating as hell!

  • Pushing Up Pumpkins

    This will be our 4th year, and looks like another great show is working out! Check out the website for more info.
    Click here to go to the website

  • *The Philadelphia Tattoo convention on the USS Olympia!*

    This convention promises to be one of the most interesting shows Philadelphia has seen. It will be aboard the USS Olympia docked at the Independence Seaport Museum. It is going to be a really small show, and i feel honored that Troy thought to invite us to work it.

    October 16th, 17th, and 18th
    Click here to go to the Mighty Warship Olympia Tattoo Convention's website for more information

  • *Another Guest Spot at Hobos!*

    This October brings another trip to visit my dear friends at Hobo's in Portsmouth NH! I look forward to seeing these folks whenever I get the chance. It's absolutely the coolest tattoo shop I've worked out of... including my own. And now they just opened a second location in town.
    Clich Here to check out their Website!

  • *Guest Spot in Portsmouth NH!*

    I will be returning to one of my favorite places, Hobo's Tattoo Shop in Portsmouth New Hampshire in June. I try to make it up to see those folks at least once a year, and if i get my way about it, i want to make it a more regular trip. Over the years I have made some really close friendships and cannot wait to see these folks again.

    Let me know if you want to get tattooed while I'm up there. If I can't fit you in this trip, i plan to return in the fall as well.

    Click For a Link to Hobo's Tattoo Shop


  • *London Tattoo Convention 2009*

    Once again I will be headed for The London Tattoo Convention! This is one of the best shows in the world, and i cant believe I'm getting to do it again. Last year was a blast. I got to spend some time with some old and new friends, as well as work on some really fun tattoos. I hope to see you all there again in September!

    If you want to set up time at the show, let me know ASAP and we can figure out the details!

    Click Here For The Convention Website


  • *2009 Skindustry Invitational In The Lehigh Valley PA.*

    Click Here for the Convention's Website

    This show was once again a great time! I even won a pair of tattoo of the day trophies! I'm already looking forward to next year!


  • *London Tattoo Convention 2008*

    I am very excited to be attending the London Tattoo Convention in September '08
    Please feel free to contact me ahead of time, if you are interested in getting tattooed.
    below is a link to the convention website with more details.
    I hope to see you there!

    London Tattoo Convention Website


  • *The Milan Convention was amazing!*

    The convention itself was one to remember. I got to see some old friends, and made a few new ones as well. As for the city, WOW! We took more photos than i have ever taken in one place. Thank god for digital cameras. When i can ill post some photos of the trip.


  • *Prints 4 Sale*

    I finally have Prints for sale of the superstitions series of paintings. The first 2 available are the owl, and snuff. They are Giclee prints on arches watercolor paper. Each print is $40, or you can pick up both for $75. Prices include Priority Shipping to most areas in the US. If you will need shipping outside the USA please send me a message, and i will figure out additional shipping charges involved.
    Here is the link to the prints for sale!